MYSTYLE Wardrobe


Dress your hair for the day from our wardrobe of MYCURL Styles. 

Every day you wake up in a different emotion and dress based on how you feel. Hair is an important part of your total look however we found most women did not change their hair to suit their clothes for the day to create an overall sense of style and we want to change this with MYCURL.

Founder of MYCURL was trained by a cosmetic surgeon on how to rebalance the face with hair styling and we have put those learning's into looking at where women need most help and how MYCURL along with some salon secrets can help lift  self esteem.


To make it easy for you at home we have developed a series of MYSTYLEs from which you can select a style for the day based on your emotion and where you need a lift. For example if you wake up feeling large , we say the larger the hair the smaller the face and a more full and curly style such as MY Downtown Style will be slimming on the face and in turn make you feel better. 

My Downtown Style

My Kardashian Style

My Celebrity Style