Desire MYCURL Hair Curlers - Over the past few years, we’ve all developed an addiction to our straightening irons. But hair is now loosening up, with everything from soft waves to tight curls appearing in the pages of fashion magazines and on celebrities at red carpet events.

As leading hairstylists, we saw first hand the difficulty our clients – and even professional hair & make-up artists were having trying to curl or wave their hair using irons. And traditional styling tools like hot rollers and curling tongs just didn’t cut it.


So the team embarked on a three-year mission to design a unique styling iron accessory that effortlessly creates gorgeous curls, volume and movement in minutes. The result is MYCURL.

With the design patent registered and trademarked in over 30 countries, MYCURL hair curlers is set to revolutionise the styling industry, one beautiful curl at a time!

"MYCURL Is Magazine Hair In minutes" 

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